Anti-aging and Functional Medicine
Sabina Grochowski MD, staff in Manhattan office New York City

“My goal is to create best state of health
for every patient”
says Dr. Sabina Grochowski.

Conditions Treated

Hypothyroidism (subclinical hypothyroidism)
Andropause/Testosterone deficiencies
Adrenal fatigue
Vitamin deficiencies
Leaky Gut Syndrome
(Irritable bowel syndrome, constipation)
Depresssion/ Anxiety/ Panic attacks


What’s your diet like?  Do you have lots of stress in your life?  Are you exercising regularly?

The words “everything’s normal” is what we are often conditioned to hear. But what defines normal? It is often a broad range that may overlook certain things—and what is normal for one patient may not be so for another. Dr. Sabina Grochowski focuses on preventative medicine and treating the whole person to achieve the best possible state of health for each individual. She examines lifestyle, behavior, stress, nutrition, environment, vitamin, nutrient and hormone deficiencies, as well as genetic predispositions to determine the best possible approach to optimizing vitality, longevity and happiness while preventing disease and deterioration.

Our Services

Preventive examinations Bioidentical hormone replacement
Hormone testing men and women IV infusions: iron, vitamins
Urine neurotransmitter testing Chelation Therapy
Heavy metal testing Cosmetic procedures
Comprehensive stool anlysis IgG allergy testing
Organic acid testing