Anti-aging and Functional Medicine
Sabina Grochowski, MD Picture of staff in Manhattan

“My goal is to create best state of health
for every patient”
says Dr. Sabina Grochowski.

Sabina Grochowski MD office, anti-aging and functional medicine in Manhattan New York City

About Us

How is Dr. Grochowski’s practice unique?

Every patient is an individual.  By spending time with patients to assess each of their needs, Dr. Sabina Grochowski can best assess their overall health.  She focuses on optimizing health through preventing illness and promoting wellness with an integrative, holistic, patient-centered approach.

Grounded in functional medicine, Dr. Grochowski’s aim is about detecting abnormalities, deficiencies and addressing stressors that lead to disease. She is board certified in Anti-Aging / Regenerative Medicine which focuses on early prevention, detection treatment and reversal of age related decline. Therapies include both internal and external treatments that optimize the body's ability to repair itself.

By evaluating lifestyle factors (diet, nutrition, physical activity, stress) and using functional medicine, biochemical assessments that reveal disease triggers often overlooked, Dr. Grochowski works with patients to reverse that which has a negative effect on the body and healing.

Assessments are extremely valuable and aid in reaching a successful outcome when dealing with complex medical issues including: Depression/Stress, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue, and Hormone Imbalances.