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Sabina Grochowski
Dr. Grochowski now offers you an all-natural biologic approach to regenerative aesthetics that uses your own body's healing components.

By pairing an integrative medical approach with state of the art bio-aesthetics, Dr. Grochowski will help you jump-start your body's own natural powers of rejuvenation.

Bio-Organic • Unparalleled Safety • In-Office Procedure • Natural Results

How does it work?
PRP infusions stimulate the growth of new tissue from the inside out, using only your body's natural components.

A small sample of your own blood is taken, from which platelets are extracted and concentrated. This natural healing concentrate is then reintroduced through micro-injection into the areas of damage. Stimulating the surrounding tissue initiates a healing cascade that:

• Releases growth factors and reparative proteins

• Stimulates hair growth

• Repairs blood vessels

• Supports collagen growth (smoothness and texture)

• Revolumizes tissue

What is PRP?

Plasma rich protein or PRP, is a concentration of one type of blood cell, platelets, which circulate through the blood and are naturally rich in tissue growth factors that play a significant role in the biology of healing and rejuvenation.

PRP Therapy:


PRP marks a break-through advance that combines Nature and Technology. The advanced in-office technology distills and concentrates your body's platelets to enhance your own natural healing capacity.

The Breakthrough:

Decades of experience using concentrated PRP in wound and soft tissue healing have shown PRP's beneficial effects on cell regrowth, tissue regeneration and blood vessel repair.
Now, regenerative specialists have harnessed these healing properties of PRP to reverse the damaging effects of aging and skin wrinkling on the face, neck, chest and hands, as well as acne scars; and even hair loss.

Advantages of PRP:

• Short, in-office procedure

• Minimal Bruising

• Little to no discomfort

• ALL NATURAL - no artificial or animal products

• SAFE - Because it uses your body's own natural components, the risk of allergic reaction or infection is virtually eliminated

• Can be used alone or in combination with other cosmetic procedures

• Maximal effects generally last an average of 18-24 months

woman-PRP Therapy

PRP Include:

• A more natural facial rejuvenation that avoids the over-stretched look that can come from injecting toxins and other foreign substances

• Increased volume, youthful rounding of facial contours

• Warmer skin tone, healthier complexion due to increased vasculature repair

• Improved skin texture, reduced fine lines and firmer skin tone due to collagen stimulation

• Thicker hair as a result of scalp stimulation and increased growth factor

PRP Facial Rejuvenation:

Because you want to age gracefully - but naturally!