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—Socrates, (470-399 BC)


March 5, 2012

Before I met Dr. Grochowski, I was suffering from chronic migraines, lightheadedness, fatigue, depression, and general weakness. I had seen many other doctors over the course of a year and they tried to treat the symptoms by prescribing migraine medications and referring me to psychiatrists. Dr. Grochowski actually listened to everything I said and approached the problem holistically. Instead of just treating my various symptoms, she did comprehensive tests and found their root cause-hypothyroidism. After a couple of months in her care, I finally feel like myself again. All of those symptoms have disappeared and I feel better than I have in years. I can't thank her enough for her individualized care and determination.

Andrea K

New York

January 16, 2012

I met Dr. Sabina Grochowski 11 years ago when I purchased my co-op in Kew Gardens, Queens. Her office in Forest Hills was a convenient walk from my new place. My close friends recommended her, and soon I knew why. Sabina is one of a kind doctor. With a no-nonsense down to earth approach, she combines the best of Western medicine with a holistic European medicine and great bedside manners.

Sabina is concerned with your overall health. She will not stop until she achieves this for you, whatever that means. She will dig deep to uncover all underlying problems for your state of health, thru blood, urine, stool testing and state of the art analysis she will find any imbalances and will take quick steps to correct them.

Her medicine chest if always staffed with the best possible herbal remedies on the market and she will push as far as possible with this time proven approach, unless a more conventional medication is called for.

Another thing that impresses me with Dr. Grochowski is that she never stops learning. She is always on the cutting edge of new scientific discoveries, taking classes and seminars; she will bring new state of the art diagnostics and procedures into her practice and share them with you.

Currently I was complaining of low energy, she quickly did a blood test and a comprehensive stool analysis and came up with a best solution for my 3 Candidas, a parasite and some unwanted bacteria in my body. She also gave me the best pro-biotic and other herbal remedies and vitamins to put me back at the optimal energy level. Going to her office is like visiting a best friend: somebody who is truly concerned with your health and will do anything possible to help you regain and maintain it.

That is why I am so glad my friends recommended Dr. Sabina Grochowski years ago. With her at my side I know I will be at my best health. Now in turn with great pleasure, I am recommending this truly excellent Doctor.

Thank you Dr. Grochowski for years of excellent care!

Teresa Kaczmarczyk

Kew Gardens, New York

January 10, 2012

When Dr. Grochowski first saw me, I was sleeping sixteen to eighteen hours a day.  I had no energy and could barely participate in my own life.  Dr. Grochowski said she would get to the root of my problem, but it might take some time, tests and patience.  Dr. Grochowski's determination has benefitted me enormously.  Now I have energy and can concentrate.  I am awake, alert and alive again.  Dr Grochowski gave me my life back.  If you want a doctor who can do the same for you, Dr. Sabina Grochowski is the doctor you want.

Dr. Grochowski does not practice cookie cutter, one size fits all medicine, nor does she push the popular pharmaceutical of the moment.  Your treatment will be individualized to address your specific health problems and improve them.  Dr. Grochowski treats the whole person.  You aren't a  liver or intestine.  You are Dr. Grochowski's patient.

Kathleen Pittas, delighted patient

New York

December 31, 2011

I feel a thousand times better since Dr. Grochowski discovered my underactive thyroid. I no longer feel sluggish, my heart palpitations have stopped and my complexion looks remarkably better.


New York

December 31, 2011
I met Dr. Grochowski over a year ago. I felt weak and lazy all the time not realizing that my thyroid hormone level was very low! Dr. Grochowski not only changed my dose of pills but changed my medications. She helped me get my thyroid back on track and I feel better than I have in years. But most important-I got pregnant (was trying for over a year)! Dr. Grochowski made me realize how important thyroid is for my body, thanks to her I feel finally healthy! Thank you Dr. Grochowski!!!

Malgorzata Kocon

New York

December 15, 2010
I met Dr. Sabina Grochowski nine years ago in a computer class. She explained to me that she was a physician. In return I did the same. I am the CEO of an Outdoor Media company. At the time I was going through health issues that needed attention: memory issues accompanied by fatigue. She explained that she believed to be the reason for my health issues, the philosophy of her practice and how she planned to treat me. Her views and perspective coincided with mine. She has always been persistent, consistent and direct. I’ve spent a lot of time in her office and no matter how many patients she has, she treats them all with the same passion and commitment. I recommend her to my family and friends, and I am lucky to have her on my side and can’t thank her enough.

Mohammed A. Malik CEO,

Mogul Media

December 20, 2010
Dear Dr. Grochowski: I wanted to take the moment to tell you how much better I am feeling since you started treating me for adrenal fatigue. For over a year I felt a sense of fatigue and overall joint pain. It always felt like I could not get a good night’s sleep. And, no matter how hard I tried I could not seem to lose weight. I could not figure out what was wrong with me, but the lethargy was just making it hard to make it through my demanding days. You performed a thorough blood/saliva evaluation and figured out that I was suffering from adrenal fatigue. You put me on a regimen and I can honestly say, I could not believe the results. I felt as if I was lifted from a fog! I was energetic throughout the day and that 8 Pm fatigue is gone. I also stopped feeling a dull aches in my joint I haven’t needed and Advil in months. I must admit I was little skeptical when I started, but in 3 months in I can’t believe how much better I feel. I can’t wait to see how the longer term effects help with my weight. But I am very pleased with the results so far. Thank you for looking to holistic approaches to treating your patients.

Zulma V

New York, New York

Before I met Dr.G, I felt weak and was suffering from hormonal change due to menopause.  I felt as if during this passage of life there was no cure.  Through Dr. G’s natural approach and with her genius and brilliant insight, now I am feeling more vital and have a better hormonal balance.  I feel Dr. Grochowski is my savior and has helped my health from deteriorating further.

Miriam R

Before I met Dr. G I was feeling weak and had erratic sleep at night. Now, I feel that I have regained my strength and vigor and I sleep well throughout the night. Dr. Grochowski tackles the root of the problem and does not have a band aid approach. Dr. Grochowski is truly a miracle worker.

Robert R.

I first went to see Dr. Grochowski about 5 yrs ago and since then I never went to see any other physician. She has been helping me with overcoming stress, lack of energy, and anxiety. What I especially like about Dr. Grochowski is her focus on prevention and not mere treatment. She developed a unique approach to my healing that has helped me a lot. I am fortunate to have found such a caring and compassionate physician. I highly recommend DR. Grochowski to my friends and family. I know they will be in good hands.

Slawomir Palega, Queens, NY

I was originally diagnosed with myotonia by a neurologist. After doing blood work doctor Grochowski discovered that I was missing key vitamins. After taking vitamin D, multi-vitamins and a few others my muscle function improved by about 50% after only a month. I have been living with muscle stiffness for almost ten years and taking these vitamins has helped me dramatically.


My name is Maureen Butts. Hopefully you will remember me. Since I have been under your care, i find that my health has improved substantially. I have been continually recommending you and thank you for my quality of life. Warmest regards,


Dr. Sabina Grochowsski has been treating me for over three yeras for stomach disorders. No previous physician has been able to find the source of my problems. With excellent treatment and diligent follow through, she was able to find the cause and is now treating me for my problem. She is extremely knowledgeable in her grasp of medicine. She also listens and she cares. Needless to say I think she is terrific.

Salvatore Araimo

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